Equipment & IOT


Vraj Infotech works creatively by taking wireless technologies and cloud connectivity to the next level. We are proficient to offer end-to-end application solutions in time for practically every segment including classy machines, weighty equipment, HVAC controls, electricity/gas/water meters, industrial controls, vehicles as well as home appliances. We are devoted to deliver the high-end & result-oriented M2M solutions by providing a well-structured mechanism including hardware designs, cloud connectivity, embedded development and smartphone accessibility.

Vraj Infotech offers a combined solution for M2M and IoT platform making it at ease for customers to adore extreme profits from the machines, remote applications and joined technologies. Based on cloud-based architecture, M2M & IoT platform by Vraj Infotech offers enthusiastic services like field data integration and application development. With our elastic APIs support, we give you a well-secured and accessible solution that can build and deliver personalised IoT applications in time to perfectly suit your desires. Furthermore, business analytics and intelligence can also be added by processing the IoT data right into the key management applications and systems.

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  • Machine/remote application connectivity.
  • Non-violent & protected data attainment.
  • Energy powered or battery operated wireless units.
  • Data gathering through local network and removing it to cloud server.
  • Numerous gateways like GSM, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Mesh Networking through local device network.
  • Smartphone device connectivity.
  • Data storage on cloud network.
  • Data mining and analytical reports.

With an in-depth awareness of hardware design development, we give best-in-class facilities for emerging machine connectivity devices with M2M domain. Devices by Vraj Infotech are designed to interconnect with the machines using several interfaces like:

  • Sensor Interface: Analog & Digital Inputs
  • Communication System: RS232 / RS485 / CANBus / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi

The composed data is sent to the concentrator units with the help of the following borders:

  • Wireless Networks: RF / ZigBee / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi – With these networks, there’s no need of wiring and pointless networks all across the plant or site.
  • Wired Network: RS485 / Ethernet / PLC – Used broadly in the prevailing infrastructures, these wired network solutions can offer an supreme platform for short-range connectivity.

Following this, the data is sent to the cloud server by the Data concentrator units with the help of the following types of networks:

  • GPRS: Using SIM cards and cellular network, GPRS Network allocations the data to the central server.
  • Ethernet: Using broadband Ethernet connections, data is moved to the cloud server.
BSP / Firmware / Device Drivers / Operating System Development Services

Confirming the embedded solutions based on firmware and operating systems,Vraj Infotech offers a well-dedicated Board Support Platform, Device Drivers & OS Development services in India and overseas. Our BSP can be optimally used for developing M2M solutions. We generate fast and consistent drivers for the following services:

  • Accurate data collection using high resolution ADCs.
  • Firmware for microcontrollers from Atmel, TI, Microchip, Cypress, Freescale, NXP, Maxim Integrated, etc.
  • Drivers for communication interfaces like RS485 / RS232 / Ethernet / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Protocol Stack Support for ZigBee / RF / TCP / Bluetooth, etc.
  • Battery operated hardware power management.

We have a proficiency in providing real-time applications with guaranteed Quality of Services (QoS). The basic feature of our loyal services is data integration and safeguarding the data even when the connection is misplaced or the server flops.

While working with M2M, another significant thing to ponder is to have a continuous support for over-the-air firmware upgrade and updates for remote formation. With this service, we offer:

  • Mesh algorithm across nodes.
  • Self-discovery of fresh node.
  • Instinctive re-routing for self-healing network
  • Upgrades for over-the-air firmware
  • Remote diagnostics protocols
  • Health observing protocols
  • Remote configuration updates.
Cloud Application Development Services

Vraj Infotech targets to deliver unique cloud application development services to easily grow and deploy M2M applications that need 24x7 connectivity. We already have established frequent cloud applications for logistics, street lightning, smart metering, equipment monitoring, industrial appliances, home automation, HVAC controllers and so on. With our finest in class cloud application development service, you get:

  • Execution of communication protocols & DCU
  • Remote firmware upgrades for the devices, DCUs and server applications
  • Well-organized, real yet easy to use user interface for browsers.
Smartphone Application Development Services

The entire world is using smartphones and we at Vraj Infotech appreciate its status very well. Furthermore, we know well how to exploit the occurrence of smartphones for the advancement of survives and the profit of the industries. We deliver modest, easy-to-understand, user-friendly and actual smartphone applications to offer our customers on-the-go and continuous connectivity. We make it conceivable for you to get the access to most of the requiring information on that small monitor of yours allowing you to increase the full control. So, our smartphone progress services comes with:

  • Android application development
  • iOS / iPhone / iPad application development
  • Operative & well-organized interface
  • Humble & user-friendly
  • Power sensitive applications
  • Real battery management
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Companionable with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, storage, GPS, etc